How to Fix Common Furnace Issues

Waking up cold is extremely annoying. Of course, you can simply pull up the covers to warm yourself up. However, this might not work if the furnace is the problem. When the problem occurs in the middle of the night, you might have to wait before a Furnace Repair West Bloomfield MI technician arrive at your house.

However, you can fix and troubleshoot your furnace yourself with a bit of DIY experience. Today, we are going to discuss how to repair common furnace issues:

It’s crucial to know how your heating/furnace system works, whether you’ve got a high-efficiency gas furnace or a conventional gas furnace. You’ve got to know the basic functions of the system so you know what to do whenever there’s something wrong.

Keep the Place around Your Furnace Unobstructed and Clean

This might appear like a clear tip. However, homeowners with busy lives often overlook areas of their houses, such as the basement.

Basements are typically cluttered. Because of this, the space around your furnace is filled with unnecessary debris and items. Aside from operating better, a clean furnace will look better.

You should not store flammable materials or substances close to the furnace. It will lead to a threat to your pets and family, huge damage to your house, and unexpected fires if you crowd your furnace.

Even though it might appear convenient to just place your belongings in your basement, you should think about the possibilities that you might forget them after you left them near or on the furnace. You shouldn’t take any chances. You have to provide room for your furnace to safely operate.

Safety Switch on Furnace Door

Checking the safety switch of your furnace door is one of the first things you need to do if it isn’t running. This component of the furnace stops the burner and fan from turning on while you are removing the access panel.

Whenever the door is opened, furnaces have a safety switch that releases. If you want to activate the switch and operate the furnace, you have to install the door properly. You can always call a professional furnace repair technician if you think you require the installation of a new safety switch.

The Furnace isn’t making Heat

There are a lot of small causes for a furnace not generating heat. First, you’ve got to verify if the thermostat is set. After that, you should try turning the dial down or up a couple of degrees to examine if you’ll feel a noticeable difference.

You should check to see if the fuse or circuit breaker was probably blown or tripped if there’s no result when turning the dial.

Keep in mind that a furnace that stopped working is not the same as a furnace that struggles to generate heat.

Check the Thermostat

It might appear obvious. However, you should examine if the thermostat is set to “heat”. You’ve got to ensure this before doing anything else. Make sure it is at least set 5 degrees above room temperature.